cowboy bebap スクリーンプレイ 第21話

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Jet narrates.


JET: This strange story began on a blistering hot day. I had received an unexpected mail from an old acquaintance of mine but the message was just this: "Seek the sacred beast from Anzan. I am at the meeting place of the four gods."



Session #21




Jet continues narrating.


JET: Pao, the sender of the message, was an acquaintance of mine but it didn't mean that we kept in touch all that well. I grew suspicious, and started to research Pao's current whereabouts. They say that Pao is one of the three greatest Feng Shui masters here on Mars... But when I found his whereabouts, he had already left this world...



A cemetery on Mars. Jet stands before Pao's gravestone.


JET: Are you sure you weren't the one that sent me this mail?


A girl, Pao's daughter, Meifa, rises from behind the stone.


MEIFA: The one who visits from the inauspicious back door... Receive the word from the heavens, and lead me to the sun stone... So the pa-kua divination is true!


She spots two thugs with guns behind Jet.


MEIFA: Look out!


She pushes Jet out of the way of gunfire. The shots hit Pao's gravestone.


THUG A: Where are you shooting?!


They hide behind another gravestone.


JET: They sure are disrespectful fellows.


Meifa consults her luo-pan.


MEIFA: The escape route!


She stand up, and grabs Jet by the hand and runs. The thugs shoot at them and miss.


THUG A: Idiot!


THUG B: Shit!


They chase after Jet and Meifa.


Jet and Meifa jump into a wooded section. They reach the end, under them is a strip of road. Meifa spots a two-story bus.


MEIFA: Escape route!


They hop on. The thugs chase them in a car. Meifa spots a river next to them.


MEIFA: Chi of Earth!


JET: Hey!


They jump in and resurface.


MEIFA: That was really close! I'm glad we're safe.


Jet stares at her, confused.



The Bebop parked on the river. Spike spots Faye, Ed and Ein from the shadows of the hallway, spying on Jet and Meifa in the living room.


SPIKE: What are you doing?


FAYE: Hey, over there... Who is that? I wonder if she's a new girlfriend.


SPIKE: For that, she's rather young.


ED: Weird one, hot dog bun, loved one!


FAYE: Maybe she's his secret love child?


SPIKE: For that, she's rather old.


ED: Child, mild, wild!


Jet and Meifa drink tea in the living room.


JET: But I'm surprised. I wasn't expecting Pao's daughter to be this old already. You probably don't remember but I met you once when you were this little.


MEIFA: How do you know my father?


JET: How? Just an acquaintance. It's been 10 years already. But your father sure was unlucky to be in a traffic accident...


MEIFA: On the way to Jupiter, there was a sudden fluctuation in hyperspace...


Ed walks by with a plate of Piyokos.


ED: Here you go.


MEIFA: Thank you.


ED: Are you the "girlfriend?"


Jet spits out his tea.


ED: Are you the "secret love child?"


Jet looks around and spots Spike, Faye and Ein in the hallway. They disband.


ED: Rejected!


Ed runs off.


MEIFA: Mr. Jet, why were you at the graveyard? Nobody outside the family knows he got into an accident...


Jet hands her a print out of the message. Meifa reads it.


MEIFA: "Seek the sacred beast from Anzan. I am at the meeting place of the four gods." This is...?


JET: Pao sent me this.


MEIFA: When?


JET: Three days ago.


MEIFA: Right before the accident... Please! Can you help me?! I'm sure this is the whereabouts of the sun stone!


JET: Sun stone?


MEIFA: The direction, day, and time you arrived was the best combination  for Feng Shui! Especially when you're searching for something!


JET: I-It was?


MEIFA: It was! Please, Mr. Jet!



The streets of Mars. One of the thugs from before talk to their boss on his communicator.


THUG B: Yes. About that, we will have it soon. Yes, I understand.


He hangs up.


THUG A: How was the boss feeling?


THUG B: Well...


THUG A: There's no way it could be good.


THUG B: Of course not...


THUG A: Let's go!


They hop into their car.



Jet and Meifa seek clues on the streets. Jet narrates.


JET: I didn't have any particular favors to repay to Pao or this girl but I decided to help them for now. There were too many things that made me suspicious to leave it alone. Why did Pao send me mail right before his death? What do those words mean? Who were those guys that attacked us? And there was something about this girl named Meifa as well...



They sit at a park on the roof of a skyscraper, eating ice cream in cones.


MEIFA: This universe is made of three different Chis. One is the Chi of Heaven, the energy that comes from the Sun. One is the Chi of Earth, the energy that comes from a planet's surface. And lastly Chi of Magnetism, the Chi that organisms like ourselves produce.


JET: Chi from organisms?


MEIFA: The human body always produces a magnetic field. That magnetic field and the magnetic field of the Earth react to one another to create energy. Universal Feng-Shui is a method that reads the energies of nature such as this to use them in everyday life.


Jet notices melted ice cream trickling from Meifa's cone to the back of her hand.


JET: Ice cream.


Meifa quickly licks the ice cream from the back of her hand.


JET: Universal Feng-Shui... It's not the same thing as fortune-telling?


MEIFA: Other fortune-telling methods only predict or prognosticate. However, Universal Feng Shui has the power to make the bad into the good. For example, if you were a Feng Shui master as powerful as my father -


Meifa is stops in the middle of her sentence.


JET: What's wrong?


MEIFA: I just realized that I never spent time like this with my father...


JET: Hey, now. Let me point out that I'm not that old. If anything, I would be a boyfriend... No, wait, that would be bad. W-What am I saying? At least I can be an elder brother or something...


Meifa notices melted ice cream trickling from Jet's cone to the back of his hand.


MEIFA: Ice cream...


Jet is confused.


MEIFA: ICE cream.


Jet quickly licks the ice cream from the back of his hand.


MEIFA: Let's go, Mr. Jet!



Atop a tall building. Meifa identifies landmarks.


MEIFA: I believe that "Anzan" refers to here. The Mountain Hotel Building...


She points to a blue-colored train.


MEIFA: There! Seiryu! (Blue Dragon)


She looks over to a white-colored building complex.


MEIFA: Byakko! (White Tiger)


She looks over to a black-colored dome.


MEIFA: Genbu! (Black Turtle)


She looks over to a set of red-colored mountains.


MEIFA: Suzaku! (Scarlet Phoenix)


JET: Hey...


MEIFA: I know, the cross-zenith method!


She consults her luo-pan.


MEIFA: The sun stone is here!


JET: Are you sure...?






The thugs sit in their car and spot Jet and Meifa.


THUG B: There they are. They're right over there.


THUG A: All right.


Meifa's luo-pan leads them to the stone, stuck in a lion-head display. She plucks it out.


MEIFA: I finally found it... This must be the sun stone.


JET: This thing?


Jet spots the thugs' car. They takes Meifa by forearm and walks into a beverage store.


MEIFA: Mr. Jet?


The thugs get out of their car. A group of kids kicking a ball run toward them. One of the thugs kicks the ball away.


THUG B: Outta the way.


KIDS: What are you doing?


They run after the ball.



In the beverage store.


JET: One bottle of lao-chu. I don't need a glass.


The thugs enter the store. Jet hits them with the bottle. Meifa leaps on top of one of them and beats him on the chest.


MEIFA: Take that!


Jet pours the lao-chu on one of them and grabs him.


JET: Hey, who are you guys?


THUG B: Heh, you think we would tell you that easily - ?


Jet puts him in a sleeper hold.


THUG B: W-We're from the Blue Snake...


JET: So you ARE from a syndicate... Why are you following us around?


THUG B: I-I couldn't tell you that even if you killed me -


Jet tightens his hold.


THUG B: I-It was because we couldn't get Pao... So they told us to get the recipient of his mail... I-I'm telling the truth! We're on the low end so we don't know any more than that!


JET: I'm sure.


Jet breaks his neck.


MEIFA: Mr. Jet... My father... is alive?



Meifa and Jet walk back to the Bebop. Jet narrates.


JET: Pao's words showed where this stone was. Does that mean Pao is still alive somewhere? Did he want me to find this stone and do something with it? It feels like I created more mysteries instead of solving them. For now, I decided to check out this stone, which was our only clue.



On the Bebop. Jet analyzes the stone with the computer.


JET: So this is a piece of the moon from that Gate accident 50 years ago.


MEIFA: We Feng-Shui masters call it the sun stone. It's absorbed the fluctuations in time and space... and conceals a tremendous amount of energy.


Spike and Faye, each smoking a cigarette joins the conversation.


SPIKE: I can only think of it as a plain old rock...


FAYE: So, how much would it be if we sold it?


Meifa coughs on the smoke.


JET: Hey, guys, if you're gonna smoke, go smoke outside.


FAYE: What? You always smoke in here too!


JET: I'm turning this into a non-smoking area starting today.


SPIKE: Hey, now, you're kidding, right?


JET: This ship is MY ship, remember?



Spike and Faye smoke on the deck.



Back in the living room.


JET: So, what are you gonna do with this stone?


MEIFA: I... have no idea. I don't know what my father is thinking...


Ein grabs the stone in his mouth.


JET: Oh, hey, wait!


Ein runs to the luo-pan.


JET: Ein! Wait!


The lup-pan moves.


MEIFA: The luo-pan...


JET: What?


MEIFA: That can't be... I took the magnet off...


The luo-pan stops, pointing at a specific direction.


MEIFA: I see... I get it now... So that's it! THAT'S IT!



The Bebop takes off into space.


The control room.


MEIFA: If I remember correctly, my father owned a sun stone as well. I'm

       sure that the two stones are resonating to show me the

       whereabouts of my father.


JET: And that's why Pao made you look for this stone...


MEIFA: But... I don't know why my father sent the mail to you, Mr. Jet and not to me...



Ed examines the chemical composition of the stone.



The kitchen.


FAYE: What do you think?


SPIKE: They make a good couple.


FAYE: It's a dangerous combination.


SPIKE: What is?


FAYE: The more righteous a guy was in his youth the more likely he's gonna fall for a young girl later in life.


SPIKE: Is that so?


FAYE: Really... Guys are so clueless. (mirrors MY FUNNY VALENTINE)



The control room.


MEIFA: My father was one that believed in Universal Feng-Shui, but not other people... So my mother left the house, and took me along. That was seven years ago... I'm sure my father was able to find our whereabouts easily. But he never even tried to look for us...


JET: I'm sure there was a reason behind it.


MEIFA: Why was my father targeted by those men? Was it because he was friends with bad people? Please, tell me the truth! Who my father really was...


JET: Pao... was the consultant for a syndicate. That's the truth. Pao had leaked information to me about the syndicate, back when I was a detective. Pao already wanted out of the syndicate back then. However, it's impossible for someone who knows important syndicate secrets to ever leave the group. I'm sure Pao was afraid that more bad things would happen to his family. Well, I'm sure you can confirm it all when you see him.



The Bebop enters a hyperspace gate. Ed continues to examine the hyperspace gate.


MEIFA: Here! Around here...


FAYE: There isn't anything here.


JET: How about the radar?


SPIKE: No response.


MEIFA: That can't be... I'm sure this is the place...


The radar picks up a signal.


SPIKE: Hmm? Wait... Hold on...


A laser is fired at the Bebop.


SPIKE: Do we have guests?


JET: They sure are persistent. Spike, Faye, please take care of them!


FAYE: Aren't they YOUR guests?


JET: Help me out if you don't wanna die with this ship!



Swordfish and Red Tail take off into the gate.


FAYE: What rotten luck of the draw.


SPIKE: Sometimes it's good to act without asking "What's in it for me?" We're fairies who are going to grant the princess' wish.


FAYE: We are?


Several fighters are dispatched.


SPIKE: Unmanned fighters...? So these would be the seven dwarves...


They fire lasers toward the Bebop.


JET: Shit! They're trying to scare us!


Ed floats into the control room.


ED: I got it!


Spike and Faye gun down fighters.


JET: Spike! Come back here!


SPIKE: What?!


JET: Apparently, if we apply lots of energy to that stone we can draw out all the forces trapped inside it.


SPIKE: And what are we going to do?


JET: This is an all-or-nothing plan, but -


FAYE: I don't care what it is, just hurry!



The bathroom. Ed puts the rock into the toilet bowl.


ED: I put it in!


JET: All right!


Jet releases it into the hyperspace.



JET: Blast this rock with your plasma cannon.


SPIKE: What a great plan this is...


Spike shoots it with the cannon and a large hole in hyperspace opens up. A ship is trapped inside.



On the Bebop. A call from Pao is received.


PAO: Looks like you made it in time, Jet...


JET: Pao! You're...


PAO: Meifa... It's been a while.


JET:  Pao, you're in unstable territory. I can't approach any closer than this.


PAO: I know... There isn't any oxygen left in here anyway. I sent you that mail because I wanted you to bring my daughter here...


JET: So you're trying to tell me that you used Feng Shui to bring us here?!


PAO: Yeah...


JET: That's not true, Pao. This wasn't your doing. Meifa is here now because she WANTED to come here.



PAO: You might be right. Perhaps I was being too conceited... Meifa... it's wonderful to see you one last time...


MEIFA: I hated you all this time... I despised you all this time... But...


The connection is lost.


MEIFA: Papa...


Meifa sheds tears. The hole closes up. Jet narrates.


JET: Now, I don't know if it was a good thing or a bad thing that we took her along. In any case, this was how this strange case ended. She went back to Mars. And the smoking ban was lifted from the living quarters. Once again, unchanging daily life has returned, just as it was before. One thing that has changed, though: I no longer read the fortune-telling pages in magazines.











JET: He came with a whistle. A man, Andy, made a sudden appearance on horseback. Who in the world is he? Is he an ally, or a foe? Or is he a true cowboy? The next episode is a shocking sci-fi spaghetti-western epic saga: "Cowboy Funk." Wait a minute, isn't this mixing up our  genres a bit?


Next Session












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