cowboy bebap スクリーンプレイ 第23話

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The television. Doctor Londes, a man who has been appearing frequently on the television recently promoting a religious movement called SCRATCH.


LONDES: What is a physical body? The body is merely an object. It is an existence all too impure to store the gods within us called souls. Now you will remember. The blood stained history! Material desire. Hunger. Sexual drive. Desire to dominate. Desire for fame. As long as there is a body, desires will be born. As long as there is desire, human ego will not disappear. Humans will continue to fight to fulfill their bodies' desires, and it will never end. At this rate, there is no future! Now awaken your soul! Now be rid of that filthy body!


SCRATCH MEMBERS: We are SCRATCH, an electronic transcendence group. We are disciples of God, sent here to free your soul from your body and lead you to the infinite sea of electrons.



Session #23




CBC News. Anchorman Mark Rather.


RATHER: Good evening. This is CBC News. First, we have news about the electronic transcendence group SCRATCH. Last week, the ISSP and all Sol Solar system police departments received the subpoena for the leader, Londes and began searching the homes of high-ranking members...



The channel is changed. Another news program on SCRATCH. graphic shots of dead SCRATCH members are shown. The headline: "Insane Order! SCRATCH." Reporter Samantha Copeland stands before a large crowd.


COPELAND: Here at the scene, enticing people with "easy entry" and "salvation of the soul," SCRATCH has been able to constantly grow in numbers. However, another suicide -



The channel is changed. Another news program on SCRATCH.


ANCHOR: The members of SCRATCH use the brain wave control device on this new game console to scan their own brain waves and use a program created by their leader, Londes which is said to copy the spirit from brain waves as digital data and upload that spirit data into the universal network. They believe that doing this will make them exist as a soul without a body. Now Professor they say that Londes, the leader, was once a doctor. Is such a thing possible?


PROFESSOR: This is ridiculous. Completely in the realm of science fiction.  It may be theoretically possible to do so but a theory is only a theory, in the end.



The channel is changed. A talk show. A sobbing woman talks to the host. Her face and voice are censored.


WOMAN: Yes, and he hasn't returned for two weeks.


HOST: Lady, you have to talk it out with your husband. It's about your son -


WOMAN: But... he isn't the type that would just run away from home...  Could he have been kidnapped?!


HOST: Lady, are you listening to what I'm saying?


WOMAN: That's got to be it! That religion that's been popular lately... That whatchamacallit -


HOST: All right, we're gonna take a break.



An commercial featuring an exercise machine presented by celebrity David Blakely.


BLAKELY: Hi! Today, I'm introducing Power CDJ, an item for DJ's who don't exercise much! You adjust the BPM using this lever and it allows you to be a DJ while you exercise!



The channel is changed. Another news program. The reporter is live at a chapter of SCRATCH. She interviews Faye.


REPORTER: Then, the reason you decided to join is...?


FAYE: Yes, ur, I... I got tired of a debt-filled life and that was when I found this... Yes... If I rid myself of a body, I'll no longer need money!



The Bebop. Spike is disgusted.


SPIKE: Hey, Jet!


Jet is cooking.


JET: Hold on, it's almost done.


SPIKE: I don't care! Just get over here!


Jet watches the monitor.


FAYE: By releasing the spirit from the body, we are able to discard all desire.


REPORTER: So you're not going to pay your debt?


JET: I thought we hadn't seen her in a while. What kind of joke is this?



The channel is changed. A commercial.


ANNOUNCER: Brain Dream! The new game console, Brain Dream, can read your mind! Control YOUR games the way that YOU want to! Are you always fighting with your controls? Do the cords get tangled? If that's the case, then LET'S DREAM together!



The channel is changed. A girl among a mountain of stuffed toys.


GIRL: And so, at our station, we have the strictest policies in the world, and against programs such as this...



Jet flips through files on the computer to find one on Londes. The rest eat.


JET: Oh, there it is.


ED: I'm gonna eat now!


JET: Doctor Londes. Wanted for murder. The bounty is an amazing 38 million.


SPIKE: I see. That's enough for her to go freelance on us.


JET: This guy was apparently a neurobiology researcher fifty years ago. However, one day he suddenly had a vision from God and immersed himself in research to store the human spirit, the functions of the brain itself, as digital data. Since then, he's been missing... Then, two years ago, he suddenly reappeared to form the electronic transcendence group SCRATCH.


SPIKE: What the hell is that?


JET: In other words, a new religious cult. Anyway, according to him, the human brain function itself is a weak stream of electronic pulses so if you are able to copy that as data, and replay it over the universal network as a program, you can exist only as a soul... Are you listening to me?


SPIKE: Well, it's up to you to believe it or not.


JET: There are already 20,000 believers. Of which approximately 100 have committed suicide or ended up missing. And so the cops have started moving their lazy asses.


Spike looks at the file photograph.


SPIKE: His face ain't appetizing.


Ed finishes her food.


ED: Seconds!


JET: That's all.


Ed falls back.


JET: We're gonna go after him, too.



The SCRATCH commercial plays again.


SCRATCH MEMBERS: We are SCRATCH, an electronic transcendence group. We are disciples of God, sent here to free your soul from your body and lead you to the infinite sea of electrons.



At a rundown building, Faye looks for Londes. She finds dead bodies near a tower of monitors. She draws her gun. Suddenly the monitors turn on. Her vision blurs.



Jet is on the streets.



On the Bebop. Ed looks for Londes on the internet.


ED: Searching, searching, where are you?



On the street, Spike talks to a member of SCRATCH.


SCRATCH MEMBER A: Oh, so you want to be a member as well?


SPIKE: Y-Yeah, I guess...


SCRATCH MEMBER A: For that, we need to cleanse your soul first. As the first step.


SPIKE: Uh... before that, I want to meet this Mr. Londes... Do you know where he is?


SCRATCH MEMBER A: Oh, of course.


SPIKE: Really?


SCRATCH MEMBER A: He's in heaven.



The Bebop. Ed's search continues.



Jet talks to an old man, presumably a colleague of Londes.'


OLD MAN: Londes...? Hum, did such a guy exist?


JET: Ya gotta help me, old man. You're the only colleague of his that is still alive. Can't you remember something? Anything?


OLD MAN: Maybe he existed... Maybe he didn't...


JET: Which is it?


The old man falls asleep.



On the street, Spike talks to another member of SCRATCH.


SCRATCH MEMBER B: Oh, then you want to be a member as well?


SPIKE: Yeah, I guess...


SCRATCH MEMBER B: For that, we need to cleanse your soul first. As the first step.


SPIKE: Oh, can I ask something before that? I want to see Mr. Londes...  Well, anything, his soul or whatever, will do, but how can I meet him?


The SCRATCH member is annoyed.


SCRATCH MEMBER B: Do you really want to become a member?



The Bebop. Ed is unable to find on Londes.



Big Shot.


PUNCH: And so Dr. Londes is the center of everyone's attention...


JUDY: The first big-name guy in a while!


PUNCH: Unfortunately, we have absolutely no new information!


JUDY: Oh, my...


PUNCH: Everyone is doing their best to find him, but there just isn't any information. We're seeing his face virtually every day from SCRATCH's TV programs, but we know nothing important about him.


JUDY: Is he really a soul without a body?


PUNCH: Now, I have one other bit of important news for you.


JUDY: Oh? What is it?


PUNCH: Actually...


JUDY: Hurry up and tell me!


PUNCH: We've been on the air for a long time now and I know it's sudden, but this is our final episode!


Judy in enraged.


JUDY: You're kidding!


PUNCH: They're canning us because of low ratings, unfortunately...


Judy punches out Punch.


JUDY: Unfortunately?! How come I didn't hear about this?!



Back on the Bebop.


JET: No good?


SPIKE: No good.


JET: I got nothing, either.


ED: Nope, nope...


Ed whines.


JET: I went after his colleagues from his research days but it was all for nothing.


SPIKE: And I got nothing out of the members.


The computer receives a call from a dazed Faye.


ED: Oh, it's Faye-Faye.


FAYE: I'm in... a little... trouble. Are you listening...? I think I really can... get rid of my debt...


Faye passes out and the connection is lost.






A toy store. Jet is in line for the videogame system. He talks to Spike through his communicator.


JET: Anyway, I'm trusting you with Faye.


SPIKE: And I'm gonna be having a hard time if you're gonna be baby-sitting forever...


JET: As I said - !


Jet lowers his voice.


JET: Brain Dream is pretty rare! I have to line up here if I want one!


SPIKE: Are you really going to hack into his website?


JET: That's the only lead we got left. Beyond that... Faye seems to have dug something up, so we can use that...


SPIKE: Oof, it's about that time.


Spike flies to a crater on Mars. (?not earth?)



The Bebop. Jet puts on Brain Dream.


JET: All right, go for it.


Ed sits by the computer.


ED: Okay...


The SCRATCH program boots up.


PROGRAM: Welcome to SCRATCH, an electronic transcendence group. Head straight if you wish to join us. Head over that way to request more detailed information about SCRATCH.


JET: So I guess I can't copy my spirit immediately... Guess I have no choice...


PROGRAM: Joining us? Please input your personal data.


Jet points to Ed.


ED: Data, data. Fake data!


Ed inputs phony information. The program starts.


LONDES: Blood, muscle, and bone... When those are lost, humans face death...


Ein growls.


LONDES: What lies beyond that? Heaven? Hell? Reincarnation? Such things cannot possibly exist. Those are mere excuses...


Ein barks.


ED: What's wrong?


JET: What is this?


LONDES: None of the previous paths to salvation had such a clear vision as this...


Jet is paralyzed.


LONDES: Awaken your spirit! Now be rid of that filthy body!


Ein bites Jet in the thigh. Jet screams and regains consciousness.



Parked outside of the rundown building, Spike speaks to Jet through his communicator.


SPIKE: High frequency?


JET: Yeah. I'm not exactly sure but it has some contraption that paralyzes the sympathetic nerves. In just seconds, everything before my eyes went blank and I passed out. If Ein didn't realize it and bite me, I would have been -


SPIKE: - a member of SCRATCH.


JET: Anyway, we need to devise a counter measure to -


SPIKE: Well, I'll try becoming a member now.


JET: Hey, Spike! Hey!


Spike hangs up.



The Bebop. Ein wears Brain Dream.


JET: I'm sure dogs have brain waves, too...


ED: Ed wanna wear it too!


JET: If you become a member, who is going to look Londes up? Do it.


PROGRAM: Welcome to SCRATCH, an electronic transcendence gr-


The program is hacked quickly.


JET: Oh! Good going, Ed!


Ed is confused. She isn't doing a thing. Ein bobs his head left, right,front and back. The hacking reveals Londes' location.


JET: This is... Can this really be...?



Spike walks through the halls of the rundown building.



The Bebop. Jet examines the info.


JET: A guy named Londes never existed. His past, all the records they were all counterfeit. And all the controls lead back to here... Alles Valley Hospice. Ed, help me.



Spike continues to walk through the building.




Alles Valley Hospice. Jet is dressed in a suit. Ed is dressed in a pink dress holding a bouquet of flowers. Ed tugs at Jet's sleeve.


ED: Papa!


JET: Not yet!


ED: Papa!


They walk in.



The rundown building. Spike finds Faye and the monitor tower.



The hospice.


GUARD: Nobody here would want visitors. And you need an appointment to see someone. Or did you come here for inheritance?


JET: Nothing of the sort! Actually, this girl's twin brother is here.


ED: Papa!


GAURD: Girl...? Is she really a girl?


ED: Papa!


Jet feigns sadness.


JET: A-Actually... it's a long story...



The rundown building. Londes appears on the monitors.


LONDES: I'm just having her sleep. Of course, the other bounty hunters all slept to death.



The hospice.


JET: We finally tracked the long-lost brother to be here.


ED: Papa!


JET: It was a shock to my daughter... She has been insane ever since... and I thought about having her meet her brother just once.


The guard dries tears from his eyes.


GAURD: You can go.


JET: I can't thank you enough.



The rundown building.


SPIKE: Why do you kill off your members? What's your purpose?


LONDES: I am not forcing anything. They are merely practicing a faith that they decided to believe. Why do you think people believe in God? It's because they want to. It's not easy living in this rotten world. There is nothing certain while living on in this world. Do you get it? God didn't create humans. Humans created God.



The hospice. Jet and Ed are lead by the information to the bed of an unconscious young boy.


JET: He's it...?



The rundown building.


SPIKE: I'm sick of this little act. What's wrong? Come on out. An illusion isn't enough for me.


LONDES: That is correct... A man named Londes does not exist in this world. He is merely an imaginary character I created a mere illusion created by scanning lines.



The hospice. Jet examines the machinery.


JET: Is this a brain wave controller like Brain Dream? Hey, Ed. Can you cut off the connection between the brain wave controller and the network?


ED: Yeah.


JET: All right. But don't turn off the life support system.



The rundown building.


LONDES: Do you know what the greatest and worst invention that humans ever made was? Television. Television controls people using information and steals their sense of reality. Yes. Now television itself is a religion.


Spike's vision begins to blur


LONDES: TV has created people that are easily fooled by such an idiotic



Spike shoots out several monitors. He grows weak. Suddenly Spike smiles.


SPIKE: Just like a little kid.


LONDES: What...?


SPIKE: YOU are the one who can't tell... fantasy from reality, Londes. If

       you want to dream, dream alone.


Londes is angered.


LONDES: W-What do you know?! What do you think you know about me?


Londes' connection begins to fade.


LONDES: What- What are you doing?! Stop! Help! You can't do that! Stop! Shit! Stop it! Stop it! Don't turn it off!. What... What did I do? N-No... This is unfair... Why... am I the only one...? Shit... Everyone should have had the same body as me... No... I... I don't want to disappear! I don't want to disappear...


The image goes blank.



The hospice. Jet handcuffs Spangen.


JET: Ronny Spangen. Previously a hacker. A boy who became a vegetable two years ago... when he was 13, from a medical accident. No... you are no longer a boy. You're a damn good con artist.



The rundown building. Faye wakes up.


FAYE: Oh, long time no see. Where am I?


Spike smiles at her.


Jet and Ed walk out of the hospice.


JET: It was all a kid's dream. Yeah, all he could do was dream...


ED: This time, have sweet dreams.



Spangen continues to dream.


LONDES: Our souls that God has given us... our spirit. Is not our body an existence all too small and weak for our spirits which found a way to swim through the vast network and live in the infinity of space?








Ed hums "Wo Qui Non Coin."


Next episode: Hard Luck Woman.


Next Session













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