cowboy bebap スクリーンプレイ 第16話

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A prison ship. The barred doors open and close. Dead policemen are litteredacross the floor, bleeding. An inmate named Tucan with a wine bottle approaches Udai Taxim, a dangerous man.


TUCAN: Hey, did you do that by yourself? Pretty good!


Tucan drinks from the bottle. Udai stares at him.


TUCAN: Hey, let's be amiable. We shouldn't waste what our whimsical god has given us.


UDAI: God?


TUCAN: Or rather, for these guys it would be the devil. Want some? It's Dom Perignon.


Tucan gives Udai the bottle. Udai pours the wine into the mouth of one of the dead officers.


UDAI: Cheers. To this ship that has charmed the devil.



The ship passes through hyperspace.



Session #16




The Bebop. Faye complains to Jet. Jet cuts his bonsai trees cigarette in mouth.


FAYE: What in the world is going on with the showers in this place?! This is the fourth time! The FOURTH time! Even Buddha gets upset after the third time! Hey, are you listening?


JET: The shower broke, and only cold water comes out. And the faucet fell off.


FAYE: If you know about it, fix it!


JET: I'm busy right now.


FAYE: You can do THAT any time you want -


Jet's communicator rings. Faye grabs it before he can.


FAYE: We're busy!


Faye hangs up.


JET: Don't just hang up! What if it's an emergency?


The communicator rings again. Faye smiles.


JET: Oh, all right. You'll be happy if I fix it, right?


FAYE: Hi, he'll call you back. What's your name? OK, Fad. I'll tell him.


JET: Fad? Did you say Fad?


Jet's cigarette in his robotic left hand begins to burn down to his fingers.


FAYE: It's not hot?


Jet notices.


FAYE: Why don't you fix that?


JET: I told you I'll fix it.


FAYE: No, your arm. I mean, reconstructive surgery doesn't cost that much nowadays, right?


JET: This ship is my ship. And this arm is my arm. Don't tell me what I need to do.



The prison ship. The pilot, the one remaining officer of the ship is held at gunpoint by a large inmate named Nero. A seedy inmate by the name of Dig make an announcement.


DIG: Now, you death row inmates. I'm sorry to say, but the cruise to the prison on Pluto has been canceled.


The others laugh.


DIG: This ship will now enter a mystery tour -


PILOT: What are you going to do? Do you think this ship is enough for you to escape?


DIG: I wasn't talking to you...


OFFICER: S-Stop wasting your time like this. If you surrender peacefully -


Dig shoots him several times in the back.


DIG: I told you to shut up.


NERO: Don't get so hotheaded, Dig.


TUCAN: Oh, man... there goes our precious hostage.


DIG: I'm not letting anyone tell me what to do. If you got a problem with that, step forward!


Udai approaches Dig.




Dig points his gun at Udai. A concealed blade drops from Udai's sleeve down to his hand. He slits Dig's throat.


TUCAN: I remember... You're... yeah... That assassin for the syndicate... Udai.



A bridge on Ganymede. Jet drops a cigarette into the water. A gun is pointed at his side. It is his old ISSP partner, Fad.


FAD: Caught you red-handed tossing a cigarette butt. That would be a fine of 20 thousand Woolongs, Jet.


JET: Then I'll need to collect that loan I gave you with 7 years' worth of interest, to cover it... and then some...


FAD: When did you buy me that coffee? That's long past the statute of limitations!


Fad holsters his six-shooter.


JET: So you still think you're a gunman with a gun like that? Sure is a waste of ISSP tax money.


FAD: This is?


JET: No, your salary.


FAD: Yeah, really...


Jet offers Fad a cigarette.


FAD: No, I quit.


JET: Huh, I see...


FAD: Tenth day. It's a hard world to live in for smokers, anyway.


JET: Hmm... I never thought you would... And, what was it that you wanted to tell me?


FAD: There was trouble on the prison transport ship headed for Pluto. That was six hours ago. Apparently there was an electrical malfunction. The prisoners took advantage of it, and rioted. I don't know the details.


JET: And?


FAD: Udai is on that ship. We don't know where the ship went after it left the Ganymede Gate. The ISSP is frantically searching.


JET: Hey, you... don't get any stupid ideas. It's out of your jurisdiction.


FAD: You think it's a stupid idea? The reason you quit being a cop was...  because of when -


JET: Now THAT is past the statute of limitations.


FAD: If after all this, he lives on wouldn't that left arm of yours cry, Jet?


JET: That story doesn't interest me anymore...



A dark day long ago. A row of warehouses. Fad and Jet separate.


FAD: Jet! I'll go around from this side!


JET: Got it!


Jet finds Udai standing alone.


JET: Udai Taxim! You are under arrest!


A bright light shines into Jet's eyes from above. Jet covers his eyes with his left arm.


JET: A trap?!


A loud gunshot.



The prison ship.


TUCAN: What are ya gonna do? The guys from the ISSP are gonna come any minute! And the pilot's dead.


UDAI: We're gonna break through, of course.


NERO: Easy for you to say. We only got enough weapons for self-defense. What are ya gonna do?


An inmate named Elroy with a scar on the left side of his face takes the controls of the ship.


ELROY: I'm sure they've set up a barricade. It would be better for us to attack and break through where they're thin.


NERO: Can you steer this thing?


ELROY: I was a cop on Venus once.


TUCAN: And now you're imprisoned for life?


ELROY: Cops are human too...



The Bebop. Jet opens Hammerhead's hatch. Ed hangs from Hammerhead's hook.


ED: You got back?


JET: I'm heading out. It's dangerous, so stand back.


Ed drops to the floor, landing on her feet.


ED: You're going out. Get souvenirs!


JET: Ed... If I don't come back, water the bonsai for me.


Jet climbs into Hammerhead.


ED: Yup!


Ed dances around.


ED: Bonsai, wise guy, chicken pot pie. Lights shine bright in the many towns.



Space. A fleet of police ships approach the prison ship.


OFFICER: HQ, do you read? This is Group D-7. We have spotted the prison transport ship. The ship is sending an SOS. Apparently they ran into some mechanical trouble.


UDAI: We are releasing a lifeboat. On the boat are 4 officers and 12 inmates. We're requesting a pickup.


The lifeboat explodes blowing away the most of the fleet. Gun turrets on the prison ship fire, making short work of the rest of the police ships.






Jet and Fad's ship approach scraps of the police ships in space.


OFFICER: Number 12, Number 13, no response. We request emergency backup. Repeat, we request emergency backup. We have lost sight of the transport. Current location is seven-four-five. Group D-7,initiate code ten-eight. Repeat, we request emergency backup.



FAD: No good. Apparently the police don't know where they went either.


JET: What do you think their next move will be?


FAD: If they are to hijack another ship, they'll be somewhere close to their original route, at a place where they can hide.


JET: I don't think so.


FAD: What?


JET: Europa.


FAD: Europa? What makes you think that?


JET: If I was Udai, I would go back to Europa.


FAD: But, Udai is already... He hasn't contacted the syndicate in quite a while.


JET: He is old-fashioned. So much that he's not the right kind of guy to live in this day and age... He'll go back. I know it...


FAD: The Black Dog that won't let go once he bites, huh? OK, Europa it is. If you're wrong, you're paying for fuel.



The Bebop. The showers malfunction.


FAYE: Wait! What the.. OW! What part of this is fixed!



The bonsai room. Ed hoses the entire room, over-watering the bonsai. Ein jumps at the water. The water runs out. Spike approaches.


SPIKE: What's this? Jet's gonna have a fit!


ED: He asked me. He's not comin' back!


SPIKE: It's okay, just bring something to wipe this up.


ED: Okay!


Ed and Ein run off.


SPIKE What's up with him, leaving his precious bonsai here?


Faye approaches.


FAYE: Hey, Jet! What the hell is going on?!



The prison ship. Udai attempts to contact the syndicate.


UDAI: It's me.


VOICE: You seem to have done something outrageous.


UDAI: We need a new ship.


VOICE: There is no further relationship between us and Udai Taxim.


UDAI: Are you betraying me?


VOICE: If you want to feel that way, go ahead.


UDAI: I have information.


VOICE: That threat won't work anymore. Times have changed... while you were in prison.



Jet and Fad's ship. They find the prison ship.


FAD: You win. He's there.


JET: We should split up. I'll come around from the other end.


Jet walks off to board Hammerhead.


FAD: You're crazy! That ship doesn't have any decent weapons!


JET: You know how I work better than anyone else, right?


FAD: Hey, Jet... Why don't you quit being a bounty hunter and pair up with me again?


JET: I'll think about it if we get back.



The prison ship. They detect Hammerhead and Fad's ship.


ELROY: Heat source detected.


TUCAN: Someone after us?


ELROY: If it's the ISSP, I doubt they would come alone.


Nero enters with heavy artillery.


NERO: I found something good in the cargo bay. And we have the perfect target.



Fad's ship.


FAD: All right, Jet... We'll approach them using this ice for cover. Stay there until I signal -


Jet takes off in Hammerhead.





The prison ship. Tucan mans a gun turret.


TUCAN: I don't know who ya are, but we'll give ya a warm welcome!


He shoots at Hammerhead. Jet dodges the shots. A panel on the prison ship opens and Nero in a space suit fires a rocket at Hammerhead. Tucan continues firing.


TUCAN: Here ya go!


Hammerhead's engine is hit. Jet harpoons the side of the prison ship and draws Hammerhead to it. Fad's ship is hit by one of Nero's rockets.


NERO: Bingo!


Fad's ship crashes into the side where Nero stands, crushing him.


Jet ejects his MONO pod and enters the prison ship. Tucan and Udai see him with security cameras.


TUCAN: That guy's got guts to come here alone.


Jet spots one of the security cameras. He signals in one direction and shoots out the camera.


TUCAN: What the hell is he? Hey, where are you - ?


UDAI: He's my visitor.



Air leaks out of the ship, where Fad crashed.



Tucan runs to the hanger.


TUCAN: You've got to be kidding. I'm not gonna put up with all of this!


He opens the hatch to the hanger, not knowing that there is a hole there. He is sucked into the vacuum of space.



A dark hallway. Udai shoots at Jet. Jet dodges. Jet returns fire.



The control room. Fad loads his six-shooter with one bullet. Elroy is shot dead.



The hallway. Udai and Jet fight.


UDAI: You came all the way here to see me?


JET: I didn't come here because I wanted to!


Udai wrestles Jet to the floor. He steps on Jet's right hand.


UDAI: Don't say that, I came out here just to greet you.


He aims his gun and shoots at Jet's face. Jet blocks the bullet with his robotic left arm.


JET: I didn't want to come but something else wanted to see you...


UDAI: What?


JET: The left arm that I lost!


Jet head butts Udai. Udai tosses a blade into Jet's left leg.


UDAI: What a happy camper you are. You never knew anything, did you?


Jet pulls out the blade.


JET: What?


UDAI: I wasn't the one who shot you back then. It was your partner. It was all planned out from the beginning. To get rid of you, who was a threat to the syndicate. You were long since betrayed. You were used -


Fad shoots Udai in the head.


JET: Why did you shoot? Was it because he was telling the truth? You came here to shut him up for good? Why aren't you answering me?!


FAD: It was your fault, Jet. It ended up this way because you went in on your own. You know what happens to people who go against the syndicate, right? Either they all quit like you... or they die. We can't live on with our pretty little ideals.


JET: That's why you betrayed me and kept fooling me?!


FAD: I wanted to team up with you like back then.


Fad points his gun at Jet.


FAD: Time for farewells, Jet.


As Fad pulls the trigger, Jet ducks, grabs a gun and shoots him. Fad falls.


JET: Fad!


FAD: Jet...


Jet examines his gun and sees that it was only loaded with one bullet.


JET: You didn't... Did you let me shoot on purpose?


FAD: Can I have... a smoke?


Jet puts a cigarette in his mouth and lights it.


FAD: I guess... I couldn't quit smoking...


Fad dies.











ANTONIO: This time, the three of us will try to do the previews!


JOBIN: Do you think we can do it?


CARLOS: We only have 30 seconds! If you're too slow it'll all be over!


JOBIN: You sure are restless...


ANOTONIO: Anyway, what kinda story is it next time?


JOBIN: I can't remember...


CARLOS: What are you doing?! We're already running out of time!


ANTONIO: Come on, at least tell them the title!


JOBIN: Next episode... Wait, what was it?


CARLOS: We couldn't do it after all!












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