cowboy bebap スクリーンプレイ 第18話

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Written By Akihiko Inari

Co-Written By Shoji Kawamori & Aya Yoshinaga


Dialogue Translation By Bandai Entertainment, INC.

Transcript By RFBlues







The horse races. Faye loses.


The deck of the Bebop parked on a river on Mars. Spike catches a fish but

loses it trying to real it in.



Session #18




The deck of the Bebop. Jet hangs clothes out to dry. He tells Ed a story.


JET: And so, the turtle took him to a palace called Ryuuguujou as a reward.


ED: Ryuuguujou?


JET: Yeah. At that palace, they held a welcome party for him. Beautiful

     women and scrumptious feasts. Breams and halibut swam about and so he

     spent his time as if in a dream.


ED: I see...


SPIKE: I haven't eaten breams or halibut in quite a while...


JET: Days passed before he knew it, and when he was about to go back he was

     given the Tamatebako as a souvenir.


ED: Tamatebako? Is that yummy?


JET: It's not food. It's a chest with treasure inside.


SPIKE: I haven't seen any treasure in quite a while either...


JET: You guys are so tasteless. This is an old fantasy tale!


ED: The turtle's Tamatebako?


JET: What were you listening to...?


Ed points up. A delivery truck with a turtle painted on it lands on the

deck of the Bebop.



Faye flies back to the Bebop in Red Tail.


FAYE: I should quit the horses now.


She land on the deck and opens the door of her MONO pod. Jet is waiting for

her with a package in his hand.


JET: Pay up 6300 Woolongs.


FAYE: What, where did that come from?


JET: This was for you.


FAYE: For... me?


JET: C.O.D. even. To top it off, no return address. I had no choice but to

     accept it -


Faye slams the pod door and takes off.


JET: H-Hey! Wait!! HEY! What about the 6300 Woolongs?!


SPIKE: Busy woman.



In Red Tail.


FAYE: Could it be a collection agency from the life extension firm? Or...

      No, could it be... Oooh... I just have too many things it could be...

      So for now, I'll just run away!


Faye flies away.



The Bebop living room..


JET: Don't you think it's fishy? For a woman who always claims other

     people's property as her own to run away without even touching it?


SPIKE: She seems to have picked up a lot of grudges from all over, though.


JET: I should do an explosives test and a biochemical test just in case...

     No! I should return this to the courier service and have them refund

     the money I paid for her sake...


SPIKE: rips open the package.


JET: Hey, Spike!


From it, a rectangular black box slips out. Spike examines it.


SPIKE: What the hell is this?


JET: Does it make any ticking noises?


SPIKE: Nope.


Ed finds information on the internet.


ED: I got data! Data from the courier service!


Jet reads the web page.


JET: The sender is... a nonprofit nunnery in Europa?!


ED: There's more...


Jet reads .


JET: Pluto Prison? Asteroid Actors' Studio? Fourth Uranus Observatory?

     Venus News Network? Forwarded, forwarded, and forwarded some more...

     This thing's been passed around the entire solar system...


ED: Here.


JET: Due to the explosion of the Lunar Gate, all data from before 2022 has

     been lost.


SPIKE: An antique.


Ein sniffs the box.



The streets of Mars. Spike and Jet walk to a video antique shop


JET: It seems to be something called a videotape. An artifact of the good

     old days. She's the one that ran away. She has no right to complain

     even if we sell it off.


SPIKE: You think it will sell?


JET: They say he's a maniac when it comes to 20th century images... I'm

     sure he'd buy it.


SPIKE: I just don't think this is worth anything.


JET: The real worth of treasures like this can't be determined from the

     outside. You may be surprised at how much you can sell it for!


They arrive at the doorstep of the shop. A man watches sits in front of a

monitor contently watching and old television show.


JET: I need to get enough to cover the C.O.D. charges at least.


Jet walks in.


JET: Excuse me!




The show.


GIRL: Everything about this city is different from Minnesota, where we were

      before. Hey, brother, are you sure we can get along well here?


GUY: Mm... To tell the truth, I wasn't so sure that we could. But, I'm sure

     we'll be all right. Because I'm here with my twin sister.


GIRL: Thanks, brother.


GUY: Oh, man, I have to work in the morning!


GIRL: Good night, brother.


GUY: Good night!


Closing credits are displayed.


MAN: GOD, that's good! Drama series from the 20th century are so good!


The man stops the tape.


MAN: On the other hand... drama series as of late are so -


JET: I have something you want to watch -


The man stand up and yells at smoking Spike.


MAN: Hey, hey, hey, you can't do that!  The cigarette, man, the cigarette!

     Don't you know that smoke can totally screw up electrical appliances?

     Sheesh, this is why I hate people who don't know -


Spike puts out the cigarette on a VCR. The man screams.


MAN: Idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot! SHEESH! What the hell do you guys want?!

     What do you have against me?!


JET: No grudges, but no gratitude either. I just have something we want you

     to buy from us.


MAN: Ah! Is that a Beta cassette!? That's amazing! Where did you get a hold

     of this? This is a true find, mister! It's close to a miracle that

     this thing exists in one piece!


JET: Beta?


MAN: You don't know what this is? Oh, all right, do you want me to explain?

     Back in the 20th century, they didn't use disks like we do to record

     movies. They used things called videotapes, which are in cassettes

     like this. It's not digital! It's analog! And to top it off, it's

     magnetic... Yeah, magnetic! They were recording with electromagnetic

     signals! Ain't that amazing? But a disagreement between the companies

     who created this technology resulted in two standards, Beta and VHS.

     Beta had a small cassette for their day and the playback decks were

     compact and didn't take much space. You didn't get that much noise

     when using the special replay features like still frame and slow

     motion. And, because Beta had high quality images users who were into

     good graphics supported it really heavily. But, there begins the

     unfortunate history of the Beta tape.


Spike and Jet are extremely bored.


JET: You don't need to tell me.


MAN: This is just the introduction!


JET: I told you what we wanted. So how is it? Are ya gonna buy it?


MAN: Well, that depends on what's on it...


The man puts the tape into a deck. The monitor displays a public park and

forestry. Suddenly there is noise in the picture.


JET: Hey, what's wrong?


MAN: It's so hard to adjust the tracking for these early Beta tapes...


The man turns knobs at the bottom of the tape deck.


MAN: This way? Or this way?


The monitor displays the back of a purple headed girl standing by a beach.

The girl turns around. Suddenly the picture warps.


MAN: It's eating the tape!


Spike starts kicking the tape deck. The man freezes.


JET: It's not getting any better...


Spike completely smashes the deck. The picture goes blank.



At the dog races. Faye watches with excitement.


FAYE: It's coming... It is... It is...


The dogs cross the finish line. Faye wins.


FAYE: I got it! Dogs are better than horses after all!



Back on the Bebop.


SPIKE: Most things get better if I kick 'em...


JET: You just don't know when to quit...


The computer receives a call.


MAN: Dammit, repay me for breaking my deck!


JET: You again...


MAN: You broke someone else's valuable machinery and you're not going to

     take responsibility for it?!


JET: And how are you going to take responsibility for our valuable tape?


MAN: Early Beta decks often eat tapes! In any case, I'll have you pay for

     the repair costs!


JET: We'll call it even with the cost of the tape!


MAN: WHAT?! Be -


Jet hangs up.


SPIKE: Sheesh...


Ed finds information on her computer.


ED: Hello, Beta deck! There's just one of those. Where is this? The

     Underground City Electrical Museum in old Asia?


JET: I'm going to figure out what's on that tape at any cost!


SPIKE: Is it really something worth all the trouble?



At the dog races.


FAYE: It's coming... It's... It's... It's...


Faye wins.


FAYE: YEAH! I got it! Really, I wonder if those guys were sucking up all my

      luck all this time.






The Bebop exits a hyperspace gate to Earth.



Faye calls the Bebop at a noodle restaurant.


FAYE: Ah... Hello. Hello?


She reaches Ed. The reception is bad.


ED: Hey, helllllloooooo... Ah... it's... Faye... Yoohoo...


FAYE: Wait... Hello? What is this, where are you guys?


ED: Earth... Earth!


FAYE: Earth?! Wait a minute, you guys left me behind to go that far away...


ED: Spike... and Jet...


The connection is lost.



Earth. The Bebop lands. Spike and Jet fly to an old building.


JET: All right, just a little longer.


SPIKE: Is there really one left in a place like this?


JET: Nothing ventured, nothing gained.



In the building. Jet reads a sign by an elevator.


JET: 28th underground floor.


Spike pushes the elevator button. Nothing happens.


JET: It's not moving?


They open the door with a crowbar.


JET: The cable broke, so it's stuck.



Spike and Jet slide down the elevator cable. The car above them suddenly

falls. They quickly dodge and grab pipes in the walls.


The journey to the 28th basement floor become more bizarre and perilous

with each step.


JET: Why are we going through all of this?


SPIKE: It just means that treasure-hunting isn't easy.


JET: Treasure? What was the treasure we were after?


SPIKE: The Tamatebako, was it?


JET: I kinda see why the man turned into an old geezer after opening the

     Tamatebako now...


SPIKE: Even if we head back now, we're not gonna be any younger.


JET: This is some Ryuuguujou... Where DID that broad go in the first




At the dog races.


FAYE: It's coming... It's, it's...


The dogs cross the finish line. Faye loses.


FAYE: Oh, well, nothing I could've done. Races are all luck anyway.



Spike and Jet reach the 28th basement floor.


SPIKE: Is it here?


JET: It's here. All right.


They find a shelf of tape decks.


SPIKE: Is this it?


JET: Yeah, that's gotta be it.


SPIKE: And? Which one are we taking back?


JET: Let's see... Well, bigger is always better, they say.



They return to the Bebop with a tape deck and an old television set. Jet

tries to shove the tape into the deck. It doesn't fit.


SPIKE: What's wrong?


JET: The size...


SPIKE: Isn't it all right?


JET: It's not going in.


SPIKE: Force it in.


JET: But...


Ed pops up.


ED: Ah! That's not it! That's VHS, so ya can't see the tape!



Ed's computer rings with an incoming call. Ein walks to it and answers the

call. It is Faye.


FAYE: Oh, hello, it's me.


Faye's communicator displays Ein. Faye frowns. Ein barks to Faye. Faye's

right eye twitches. Ed goes to the computer.


ED: Ein, who are you talking to? Oh, it's Faye!


FAYE: I'm glad there's an organism there that I can talk to.


ED: What is it?


FAYE: Was there anyone who went there to visit me?


ED: Visitors?


FAYE: Like scary middle-aged guys. You know, guys that scream stuff like:

      "Gimme back my money!" or "You're under arrest!"?


ED: Yeah, there was one.


FAYE: Eh? And?


ED: Something about repay him, even with tape munch, munch and grind,



FAYE: Eh? Okay... Oh, well. Where's Spike and Jet?


ED: Disappointed and zoned out.


FAYE: I see... Hmm... That's how... Oh, well. If they're so lonely without

      me, I guess I have no choice. I'm coming back!



A delivery truck with a rabbit painted on it lands on the deck of the



JET: What?! Another package for that broad?! I won't accept it! Take it and

     go back!


Spike rips open the package.



The living room.


JET: Shit, why do I have to pay for HER C.O.D.?! And not once, but TWICE!


Spike struggles with the packing.


SPIKE: You sure are persistent.


He uncovers a Beta deck.


ED: A Beta!


SPIKE: We can see the tape with this?


ED: Yeah.


Faye returns.


FAYE: Hey, guys, long time no see.


They stare angrily at Faye.



Ed sets up the television and the deck.


ED: It's done.


JET: Hold up.


Jet turns to Faye.


JET: If you're going to watch pay back the C.O.D. charges. With tax, a

     total of 31,500 Woolongs.


FAYE: Oh, fine.


Faye walks away.



The tape plays. Shots of a 20th century city.


JET: We have something!


ED: Ooooh... what's this?


JET: Shut up and watch.


A bashful teenage Faye and classmates.


FAYE: Um... Everyone decided to send a message to themselves ten years in

      the future.


The girls break into laughter.


FAYE: Oh, come on, don't laugh!


A solo close-up shot of Faye. Spike, Jet and Ed are startled.


FAYE: Um... This makes me blush after all! Eh? Something I want to say?

      Good morning...


The girls laugh.


FAYE: Oh! Never mind!


Faye on the Bebop stares wide-eyed at the footage.


The shot changes. Young Faye's bedroom.


FAYE: Good morning, me. Did you sleep well? And did you wake up well? Does

      the light and the wind, the air and the smell, all feel brand new? Is

      each and every cell in your body awake now? Today, you are who you

      are today. You are a newer version of me. Myself ten years from

      now... That's so far away for me that I can't even begin to imagine.

      Am I alone? Or is there a wonderful person next to me? Well, knowing me,

      I'm sure I am troubling a lot of different people.


Shot of Spike looking stunned. Shot of Jet looking stunned.


FAYE: But that's all right. There's no problem. I will always be cheering you on.


The shot changes. Young Faye in a cheerleading outfit.


FAYE: And now for a big cheer... from the bottom of my heart. Go! Go! Me,

      me, me! Do your best, do your best! Me, me, me! Don't lose, don't

      lose! Me, me, me!


Faye continues staring at the footage. Tears form in her eyes.


FAYE: I don't know... I can't remember... Is this... me?


The tape pauses on a still image of young Faye.


FAYE: I am no longer here... But I'm here today, and I'll always be

      cheering for you right here... Cheering for you, my only self.











SPIKE: You know, I'm starting to get tired of us doing all the previews

       like this... Once in a while, can't we have someone else...


Ein barks.


SPIKE: Oh? Oh! You're perfect. All right! Here, you try doing it this time.


Ein continues to bark.


SPIKE: Oh! So THAT'S how it is!


Ein continues to bark.


SPIKE: Wow, this is going to be an interesting episode!


EIN: Next Episode: "Wild Horses."


SPIKE: Hey, it spoke!


Next Session













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