cowboy bebap スクリーンプレイ 第4話

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Red Tail floats in Jupiter space. Faye devours packs of space food in the cockpit. The panel displays "EMPTY." Faye spots a ship on her radar.


FAYE: Someone's here! Hello there! You approaching this area, can you see me? I'm a little troubled because I'm out of gas... Can you take me to Ganymede?


The ship flies away.


FAYE: Oh, dammit, why does everyone...? Why don't they stop?


Faye spots a wrecked ship.




A seafood restaurant in Jupiter space. Spike and Jet sit at a table. Spike flips through a menu.


JET: This sea rat used to be raised in the oceans of Ganymede. After the gates stabilized, food was no longer scarce. And so, now the ones in the wild get eaten by those who have a fancy or them.


SPIKE: So is it good?


JET: It's totally disgusting. It's just expensive because it's a Ganymede specialty.


SPIKE: Then it's no good. I'll have the lobster rice.


Spike orders it with his menu.


MENU: Thank you.


JET: That doesn't look good, either.


SPIKE: Well, I thought I'd go for something expensive while I'm at it.


JET: You mean, because we'll soon have some money?


Jet, wearing a pair of identification glasses spots their bounty, Morgan.


Twinkle Maria Murdock and her boys, the "Space Warriors," eat at another table.


WARRIOR A: To think that Gould was a spy...


WARRIOR B: But, Mom, don't worry. We sunk his ship.


MURDOCK: It's all right. One vial nowadays doesn't mean much... Let's continue the deal as we initially planned. But... who was in charge of watching the house then?


The boys pause. The one named Harrison speaks.




MURDOCK: It was you, Harrison?


HARRISON: Um, ur, Mom...


MORGAN: Hey! Where's my sea rat saut?!


Murdock is angered.


Spike and Jet's table.


JET: Come on, there, come ON!


Morgan's image in through the glasses changes into his face before plastic surgery.


JET: No doubt. It's Morgan.


SPIKE: Then shall we go before we get breakfast?


Murdock approaches Morgan's table.


MURDOCK: Hey, kid, did you know that the Ganymede sea rat is a very intelligent and kind animal?


SPIKE: What's that?


JET: That woman... I think she was...


MORGAN: I don't remember ordering a circus!


The Space Warriors open fire on the people of the restaurant.


Spike and Jet hide under a table.


JET: I know I've seen her somewhere...


A Space Warrior throws a grenade. The grenade shines the Space Warriors' logo.


VOICE: We, the Space Warriors, work night and day to preserve the environment and protect endangered species all over the universe.


JET: I remember now! That lady's worth 25 million!


Murdock and her boys prepare to leave.


WARRIOR: Mom, Hurry!


Spike points a gun at Twinkle's head.


SPIKE: This is the end, Mademoiselle.




SPIKE: Don't move! Do you want to see your mom in pain?


WARRIOR: Who are you?


SPIKE: How's Morgan?


Jet examines Morgan.


JET: He's full of holes.


SPIKE: That's a problem... He was gonna put food on our table. But he's worth nothing compared to the 25 million that you're worth...


The Space Warriors point their guns at Spike.




WARRIOR B: Let go of Mom!


MURDOCK: Stop it. These guys are bounty hunters. We can't do anything.


WARRIOR: Mom...!


MURDOCK: Take care of the home... I'll be back soon...


SPIKE: Come on... If you don't go now, the cops are gonna arrive!


WARRIOR: Mom, sit tight!


MURDOCK: Harrison, you'll get plenty of punishment later.




Harrison reaches out for Murdock.


WARRIOR: Let's go!




The Space Warriors exit.


SPIKE: Lucky you, Harrison. Your mom won't be back for a while.


Jupiter Space. Faye finds an injured man in the wrecked ship.


FAYE: Hey, are you alive?!


MAN: Please... Take this to the ISSP... But don't open it...


The man dies.


FAYE: H-Hey, wait a minute! What does he want me to do?


The Bebop. Jet flips through image files depicting the Space Warriors' history. Murdock is tied to a chair.


SPIKE: Universal Environmental Protection Society?


JET: More like environmental terrorists. They're called the Space Warriors.  They used to be a good group working on environmental preservations and the protection of endangered species. But since their leader changed two years ago, their focus drastically changed. They are only a few members but now they're even worse than a lot of syndicates out there. They're especially keen on protecting the Ganymede sea rats.  And she's the leader of this

terrorist group: Twinkle Maria Murdock.


MURDOCK: Please, don't associate us with terrorists! We are warriors of peace, fighting for the law of nature.


SPIKE: Yeah, yeah. And where can we get the 25 million reward?


JET: The Ganymede government. But we can't cash in.




JET: I'm checking on it... The government canceled the reward yesterday.




Jupiter Space. The Red Tail.


Faye shakes a suit case.


FAYE: When you're told not to open it, the more you want to.


Faye opens the case.


FAYE: I didn't open it! This thing opened by itself!


Debris in space. The Space Warriors' ship. Wild ape men trapped in capsules. Two men load a biological warhead. Several men talk to the Ganymede police chief.


CHIEF: So, as you requested, we have canceled the bounty and we are debating about

prohibiting the fishing of sea rats on Ganymede as well.


WARRIOR: So where's Mom?


CHIEF: As I said, we haven't gotten word of Twinkle's capture! If we can find out who captured her...


WARRIOR: If Mom doesn't come back we'll set that plan into action immediately.


CHIEF: W-Wait! We're not going against your wishes...


The Space Warriors hang up.


The Red Tail. Faye examines a strange capsule from the case.


FAYE: Doesn't look like it would ease my hunger.


Faye spots a ship.


The Bebop.


JET: Wait a minute, that terrorist ace we saw isn't on the records either!


SPIKE: What's going on?


MURDOCK: See? I told you that you couldn't do anything. So you can just let me go.


JET: I don't get it... There's something behind all this.


Jet receives a signal.


FAYE: Hello there! You approaching this area, can you see me? I'm a little troubled because I'm out of gas...


SPIKE: Hey, she's...


FAYE: Can you take me to Ganymede?


No reply.


FAYE: Please? Even getting a little propellant would be wonderful!



No reply.


FAYE: Hey! Can you hear me or WHAT?!


Faye looks out, and sees the Bebop.


FAYE: D'oh...




Spike examines a pile of junk. Faye is cuffed to a handrail in the living room.


SPIKE: Then, what? You spent all the money you took from us at the casino?


FAYE: As they say, "Money makes the world go round."


SPIKE: They also say, "thieves have no compassion." How is it over there?


JET: Yeah, I'm contacting an old friend.


SPIKE: Man, there isn't even anything worth keeping... Huh? What's this?


Spike finds the capsule. Twinkle is shocked.


Ganymede. The chief in his office on the phone.


CHIEF: Yes... I still don't know where that virus is... Yes, Mr. President... We will continue to

do our best!


He hangs up and immediately receives another call.




CHIEF: What?


OFFICER: The one who nabbed Twinkle...


CHIEF: You found them?!


Spike struggles to open the capsule.


SPIKE: And, that guy told you to take this to the ISSP?


FAYE: Yup. Doesn't that look like it's worth something? So how about we call it even?


SPIKE: I never trust anything thieves say.


Jet speaks to an officer named Bob via videophone.


JET: WHAT?! What's all this about?! Hey, Bob!


BOB: Nothing is really up. The bounty has been canceled. They're saying you should let her go immediately.

 nothing really up:何もわからない

JET: Hey, Bob. When we worked in the same department a lot of the confiscated eye drops disappeared, you know.


BOB: W-What do ya wanna say?


JET: If you wanna work until retirement age isn't it a better idea for you to go along with me?


BOB: Oh, all right. I get what you're saying.


Spike steps on the capsule.


FAYE: Hey, don't break it!


BOB: The guys are threatening under the mask of "negotiation." They're holding the 8 million residents of Ganymede hostage.


JET: What do you mean by that?


BOB: They basically kidnapped the leader in virus technology and created a virus to their liking. The virus is called Monkey Business. They say that humans and monkeys only have a 2% difference in DNA structure and apparently this virus acts on those two percent. So that virus selectively acts only on humans.


Spike examines the capsule.


FAYE: Why don't you give up?


BOB: We lost contact with the ISSP spy that infiltrated their group so we had no other option...



JET: So you're going to agree to their terms?


Spike sets the capsule down and draws his gun.


JET: Man, this was a big one that we caught, too!


BOB: It's orders from up above! WE couldn't do anything about it!


Spike fires and destroys the base holding the capsule, sending the capsule flying. Jet catches the capsule.


JET: We're releasing her.


Murdock laughs maniacally.


The Space Warriors' ship attaches onto the Bebop.


MURDOCK: Us... or them...? Which one of us deserves punishment from Heaven?  Soon, the time of judgment will arrive... Yes... soon...


Murdock exits.


Ganymede control station.


OFFICER: The release procedure has been completed. We will continue to monitor her using

our special agents.


CHIEF: How's the satellite?


OFFICER: It will be ready in about an hour.


CHIEF: Get the chemical tech group as well. Don't do anything until we know where the virus is.


OFFICER: Sir, a communication from Twinkle.


Murdock appears on the central monitor.


MURDOCK: Long time no see, Minister. About that promise we made...


CHIEF: So... about the sea rats, we will keep a stable population using limitations on hunting them...


MURDOCK: Didn't I say PROHIBITION of hunting?


CHIEF: W-Well, we will look at the demands in a positive light...


MURDOCK: Looks like you need some punishment to understand.


Murdock disconnects.




In the Space Warriors' ship. Harrison is locked in a capsule.


HARRISON: Mom! I don't want to become a monkey! MOM!!


The Bebop. Cuffed Faye growls at Ein.


Space debris. Police ships spot the Space Warriors' ship.


OFFICER A: Alpha 1-0-5 to headquarters. The target has entered the wasteland area.


OFFICER B: Roger. Continue pursuit.


Bombs explode.


OFFICER B: Man, they're too easygoing.


The police ships leave the area. Out of the debris, the Space Warriors' ship takes off.


The Bebop in line at the entrance of a hyperspace gate.


JET: Dammit... All that and no reward...


Bob calls.


BOB: Jet, can you hear me? Turn on channel 72 and watch it! They're broadcasting from their own satellite!


Jet tunes in.


MURDOCK: This isn't just about the sea rats. Humans, with their culture have escaped from the great system of nature and are committing crimes that cannot be amended. Those that don't realize this are what you could call "bugs" in the nature system.


In space, Murdock's ship explodes, blowing away surrounding police ships.


BOB: That ship was a decoy!


JET: Where are they broadcasting from?


SPIKE: It's near here. They're in hyperspace!


Murdock's real ship floats in hyperspace.


MURDOCK: Monkey Business, our virus takes such humans and returns them to nature. Understand? Au revoir.

Au revoir:さようなら


Murdock launches a large missile, heading strait for the Ganymede.


BOB: Good news, Jet! The Ganymede government has reestablished the ransom on Twinkle and company!


JET: What?!


SPIKE: This is our chance! WE'RE the only ones around here!


BOB: But just catching them won't do. If the missile falls, there'll be nobody here that can pay the bounty!


Faye refuels Red Tail. Ein is cuffed to a rail.


Outside the Bebop.


SPIKE: So there's nothing to bitch about if we get rid of the missile, right?


JET: But they're at the exit to a gate.


Spike enters the gate


Control center.


OFFICER A: What about the defense system!?


OFFICER B: 4 minutes and 30 seconds to impact!


OFFICER C: The system won't make it in time!


CHIEF: T-This is an emergency! Get the President!




SPIKE: They're here.


The missile splits in three.


SPIKE: It split?! SHIT!


Spike fires the plasma cannon and hits two. Spike makes a u-turn.


SPIKE: Jet! Get the last one!


JET: What?! There aren't any weapons over here!


SPIKE: If I wait for the next shot to fully charge, that thing'll hit Ganymede!


Faye appears on the monitor.


FAYE: Oh? Are you in trouble? How about for 80% of the earnings?


SPIKE: You've got to be kidding!


FAYE: Okay, bye! Have a nice day!


SPIKE: All right. 40%. No more.


FAYE: OK! I get the 60!


JET: Fine... We got no choice.


Jet opens the hanger door and Red Tail takes off into the gate.


In hyperspace.


SPIKE: Shit, will she make it in time?


FAYE: Welcome!


Faye fires a missile. The missile explodes into countless warheads.


FAYE: What is this?


SPIKE: Multiple warheads? This ain't the military!


Murdock's ship.


MURDOCK: Now all of you, become apes!


The Bebop.


BOB: Jet! The guys from the government are closing down the gate!


JET: What?!


BOB: They're going to enclose all of it in hyperspace, missile and all!


FAYE: Wait a minute, this isn't a joke!


JET: Spike!


Faye makes a u-turn.


SPIKE: I hear ya...!


JET: Spike!


Swordfish and Red Tail fly out of the closing gate.


Faye sighs a breath of relief. The astro-image of the missiles fly pass Red Tail.


FAYE: Why...?


Faye panics and ducks.


JET: Didn't you learn in high school? Matter that gets enclosed in hyperspace can be seen but will never interact with matter in this realm again.


In enclosed hyperspace. The Space Warrior's ship floats by the closed gate exit.


WARRIOR A: Mom! The gate's closed!


WARRIOR B: Hey, Mom, what can we do?!


Murdock twitches. A booster malfunctions.


WARRIOR C: Stop! Stop!


The ship experiences a sudden jolt. The capsule containing the virus slips out of Murdock's coat.


Murdock recalls an earlier scene. Spike had slipped the capsule in her coat as Murdock was leaving the Bebop.


The capsule smashes.


The Bebop living room.


FAYE: So... this and that and no reward. All that work for nothing. Oh, don't look so down, we can make money next time. Well, I'll go take a shower.


Faye walks away.


SPIKE: Next time? Make money? Hey, Jet, what did she just say?


JET: Don't ask me. Just don't.


SPIKE: And she's off to shower without asking us... Hey are we gonna take all of this?


JET: Don't tell me. Just don't.


SPIKE: Fine, I'll go tell her.


Spike walks away.


JET: Hey, Spike...




JET: Should've seen that coming.








SPIKE: The supposedly broken music box starts to move and a nostalgic tune fills the air. I then happen to wake up from the dream. There is no such thing as a music box yet, there is a small music box nestled in my hand. And I awake from the dream again. As if I was peeling an onion, it's a dream no matter how far I go. I can never return to reality. Such a nightmare, this is. Next episode: Ballad Of Fallen Angels.














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