cowboy bebap スクリーンプレイ 第7話

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A space truck flies into a rotating truck stop. Heavy metal blasts from the truck.




The truck stop. A fat black cat named Zeros and a trucker named VT, check in. VT's friend, Otto, calls her from above.

OTTO: VT! Your shift's up?


Otto floats down.


VT: Finally. How about you?


OTTO: I'm off to Europa now.


VT: That's got pretty good pay.


OTTO: It's nothing compared to yours. I heard you made a round-trip from here to Venus in 4 days?


VT: Three days.


OTTO: See what I mean? Anyway, take it easy.


VT: Thanks.


Otto floats away.


OTTO: Oh, yeah, I forgot. VT!


Otto floats down and puts down two 1000-Woolong bills.


VT: You're still not giving up?


OTTO: Of course not! How much do ya think I lent ya?


VT: Suit yourself...


VT puts down a large stack of bills.


VT: All right. You only get one shot, and you get no clues.


OTTO: Yeah! VT, your name is... Vivian Tillana.


VT smiles.


VT: Nope!


OTTO: Oh, man... This is a bad omen...


VT: You be careful now.


The sidewalk outside Mac's Diner. VT walks by an old bounty hunter and three upstart punks sitting to the side.



OLD BOUNTY HUNTER: Yeah, you know that cock-eye guy that was worth 8 million the other day? Believe it or not, I was the one who caught him!


PUNK A: What do you mean "the other day?" That was 10 years ago you old geezer!


OLD BOUNTY HUNTER: What are you saying, you young'uns! I was the one that taught Telpsicorei!


PUNK B: You mean the legendary bounty hunter?


OLD BOUNTY HUNTER: Every bounty cowered in fear just at the mention of his name...


PUNK A: Oh, everyone knows THAT.


VT, Zeros on her shoulder, enters Mac's Diner. The diner is full of bounty hunters. VT sits on a stool at the counter. Zeros meows at the owner, a man named Macho.


MACHO: Hey, Zeros. Welcome, VT. The usual?


VT: Yeah. What's going on today? The place is usually empty.


MACHO: Oh, this? Apparently a bounty named Decker is gonna pass by around here. They're all bounty hunters.


VT: No wonder they all look so cheap.


The men's room. Spike sits on the can talking to Faye through a radio transmitter.


SPIKE: What was that about "top secret" information? This place is full of our kind. And I got a hangover today, too... Besides, we don't know the face. The only clue is a dragon-shaped tattoo... Faye? Like that place is gonna be any better.

 このような場所ならもっといい → ここは最悪だ

A children's ice cream parlor called "Woody's" featuring cartoons characters "Mackey" and "Mannie" as waiters and waitresses.


INTERCOM: Welcome to Woody's! Right now, all of our friends who are celebrating their birthdays can get their pictures taken with Mackey and Mannie! Moms and dads, please tell your server!


Faye spots a brawny man walk in with a tattoo on his half-revealed chest. She approaches him.




TATTOO MAN: Whadduya want? Ya wanna get some?


FAYE: I'd rather be the one that gives some.


TATTOO MAN: I'm fine with that.


Faye points a gun at the tattoo man.


FAYE: Hands in the air, Decker!


Decker, a scrawny man sitting directly behind Faye and the tattoo man, spits his drink.


Back at Mac's. A waitress named Murial is harassed by the "Memphis Brothers," three perverted bounty hunter.


MURIAL: Don't be so difficult!


MEMPHIS BROTHER A: Just get the hell over here.


MURIAL: But I have work!


MEMPHIS BROTHER B: Just make yourself comfortable!




The pervert grabs Murial.


MURIAL: P-Please, stop.


MEMPHIS BROTHER A: I'll give you a good time.


MURIAL: Stop! Someone...!


VT punches one of them out.


MEMPHIS BROTHER C: What the hell are ya...?




VT: So it's a bounty hunter's job to chase a woman's ass instead of a bounty?




FAYE: Sorry, but this is my job.


TATTOO MAN: W-What...?


FAYE: Don't play dumb with me. That dragon-shaped tattoo is unmistakable proof.


Decker covers the dragon tattoo on his forearm and tries to get away.


TATTOO MAN: Y-You got the wrong man...


Faye notices Decker but doesn't know who he is.


FAYE: Hey, you over there! Call the police! Tell them I caught Decker the bounty!


Decker nods and scrambles out the door. Faye sees Decker's tattoo. She rips open the tattoo man's shirt and sees a gaudy eel tattoo.


FAYE: This is...?


TATOO MAN: "Yakkun," the eight-eyed eel...


FAYE: Don't be so mistakable!


Mac's Diner. A fight breaks out. Spike tries to make a "prairie oyster," separating egg yoke from white. VT punches one of the Memphis Brothers and he bumps into Spike.




Spike notices the yoke dropped onto his crotch.

 黄身 股

Faye chases after Decker in Red Tail.


Mac's Diner. The Memphis Brothers take out switchblades.






MEMPHIS BROTHER C: You're wearing my patience thin...


The bounty hunter rushes toward VT. Spike knocks him out.


MEMPHIS BROTHER C: W-What the hell are ya?


SPIKE: Grudges over lost food aren't a pretty sight.

 食べ物の恨みは怖い pretty sight :ひどい姿をしている


MEMPHIS BROTHER C: Shit, let's get this guy too!


They rush toward Spike and he beats them up with VT.


A parking lot. Faye spots Decker.


FAYE: Found him!


Decker tosses a vile of nitro at Red Tail.


Spike kicks out the Memphis Brothers and begins walking back into the diner.


MEMPHIS BROTHER A: Shit, I'll get you back for this!


Spike turns around.


MEMPHIS BROTHER A: Uh, just kidding.


MEMPHIS BROTHER B: Forget about us!


The parking lot. Decker flies away in his truck. Faye floats outside moping, Red Tail in shambles.


FAYE: My 12 million...


Mac's Diner.


VT: Really. Bounty hunters are all stupid scum.


SPIKE: You think so?


VT: Yeah! As far as I know, they're all living their lives by gambling.


SPIKE: Well, maybe so.


VT: Come over here. I'll treat you to a drink.


The Bebop. Ein stares down at a bowl of bean spouts and whines.


JET: What? Bean sprouts are good for you! Give me a break. That's all we have.


Jet's communicator rings.


JET: Oh! Here it comes!


Jet receives the call.


JET: Oh, it's you, Faye. That was quick... WHAT?!


Mac's Diner. Spike makes a "prairie oyster," mixing gin, egg yolk, hot sauce, and pepper.


VT: But that sure is a disgusting drink.


SPIKE: It's a "prairie oyster." It's good for hangovers.


Spike drinks it down.


VT: You're the second person I've met that drinks that stuff.


SPIKE: And the first one?


VT: My husband.


Antonio, Carlos and Jobin enter the diner and approach VT and Spike.




CARLOS: We'll get it this time.


ANTONIO: The money!


Antonio pulls out a 1000-Woolong bill.


VT: Once for the three of you?




VT: Suit yourself.


VT takes out the stack of bills.


ANTONIO: All right! Here we go! VT, your name is...


JOBIN: I think Adrienne is good...


VT: That doesn't start with a "V."


CARLOS: That's why I said we should stick with Leticia!


JOBIN: You think so?


VT adds the bill to her stack of money.


SPIKE: I can have that money if I can guess your name?


VT: Yeah. I don't remember who started it but it kept piling up and here we are now.


SPIKE: Can I try too?


Spike takes out a bill. All of a sudden he receives a call from Jet.


JET: Spike! It's me. Faye let Decker get away. Go after him now...


VT smiles. Spike smiles back goofily. VT tosses the tab in his face.


MURIAL: Spike!


VT: Get lost! Idiotic lying scum. I ain't treating YOU.


Spike puts down the bill and exits.


MURIAL: No, Spike!


JOBIN: Oh, my.


Outside the diner. To Spike's horror, Swordfish II is wrecked.


MURIAL: Oh, this, those whachamacallit brothers did this before they took off.


SPIKE: And you were watching?


MURIAL: Uh-huh.


SPIKE: Why didn't you tell me?


MURIAL: What? I just told you right now!


Mac's diner. Zeros stares at VT.


VT: What?


VT gets up and begins to leave.


MAC: Hey, VT... going home?


VT: Got a problem with that? Come on, Zeros.


VT exits.


Outside the diner. VT spots spike giving the hitchhiker's thumb.


VT: And what are YOU doing?


SPIKE: Hitchhiking. My machine was vandalized.


VT: You're really a stupid...


SPIKE: ...lying shameless scum of a bounty hunter?


VT: If you don't stop with all this-!


Zeros hops on Spike's hair and meows. VT gives in.


VT: Follow me.


SPIKE: Can I bring someone with me?


VT frowns.


Space. VT's truck. Swordfish and Red Tail are parked on top of the haul. Heavy metal blasts from the speakers.








VT: They say: "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." And it's not shit-loud noise. It's called heavy metal!




The Bebop. The hanger. Swordfish and Red Tail a floating mess in front of Jet.


JET: Really, both of you together... Who do you think is going to repair these?


The living room.


SPIKE: What the hell am I supposed to do with that little bit of information? How many bald people with glasses do you think there are in this universe?


FAYE: So I said, bald, short, with glasses and driving a gaudy truck with Sarasvati painted on it!


The Asteroid Belt. VT's truck. VT receives a call from Otto.


VT: Yeah?


OTTO: That you, VT?


VT: Oh, Otto. What's up?


OTTO: I got into a hit-and-run. The guy cut in line at the gate entrance, rammed me, and took off!. Shit, I gotta make him pay for repairs! Tell me if you see him!


VT: Anything specific?


OTTO: Let's see... There was some oriental goddess drawn on...


VT: Wait a minute! Was it Sarasvati?


OTTO: Oh yeah, her. How'd you know?


VT smiles at Zeros.


VT: Zeros.


VT speaks into her radio transmitter.


VT: Breaker one nine, breaker one nine. To all truckers in the asteroid belt. This is Heavy Metal Queen. Ring me up if you see a gaudy truck with Sarasvati painted on it. Thanks.


Truckers respond.


LOVE MACHINE: VT, this is Love Machine. What's up with it? Some guy you were chasing ran away?


VT: Something like that.


LOVE MACHINE: I haven't seen the guy, but I'll be on the lookout.


VT: Thanks. It'll help.


SNEAKY SNAKE: This is Sneaky Snake. Did you say it was a painting of a clown?


VT: Nope.


SPIDER MIKE: This is Spider Mike, Black Panther of Jupiter. VT, I've never met you but I hear lots of rumors about the Heavy Metal Queen.


VT: Thanks for the compliment. So, any info?


SPIDER MIKE: I passed by someone like the one you're looking for about 10 minutes ago. It was around the Linus Mines. That help?


VT: Thanks, I'll owe you one.


The Bebop. Hanger. Jet rips out a broken part from a Swordfish.


JET: I gotta exchange this too...



The Asteroid Belt. VT spots Decker's truck.


VT: There he is!


VT chases after Decker. Decker makes a tricky turn.


VT: Trying to throw me off his trail... Maybe in the next century!


VT chases Decker into the Linus Mines. She calls Spike.


VT: Hey, is the stupid, lying, shameless scum of a bounty hunter around?



The Bebop. Spike receives the call.


SPIKE: What?! The Linus Mines?! You're being reckless!


VT: What did you say?


SPIKE: Stay away from Decker! His cargo is dangerous! HEY!


Spike rushes out for Swordfish.


FAYE: Wait! I called first dibs on Decker!



The mines. The chase continues.



The Bebop. Hanger. The Red Tail's missile launchers are replaced with clamps.


FAYE: What is this? Really? Do I have to put this silly thing on?


JET: I would have preferred that it was your loud mouth that broke.


FAYE: I heard that.


Faye goes to Red Tail.


SPIKE: I'm going out, Jet!


JET: Spike, the main gun on that thing isn't fixed yet!



The mines. Decker sends a vile of nitro at VT. VT emerges undamaged. It causes a multitude of explosions.


VT: Nice try, buddy...



A chain of explosions. Decker breaks, VT accelerates.



Swordfish and Red Tail enter the mines.


FAYE: What is this? Isn't this a little risky?


SPIKE: This way!


Faye spots Decker, windshield smashed, dead.


FAYE: My 12 million...



Spike finds VT.


SPIKE: Hey! Are you alive? If you hear me, answer!


VT: I'm fine. It takes more than that to kill me.


SPIKE: We gotta run. Now! Decker was a master of explosives. He's currently hauling the solid nitro he was making deals with.


VT: All of it? That's enough to blow up this entire asteroid!


SPIKE: On top of it, this place was an excel mine. The reactors have been randomly exploding for a while now...


Another chain of explosions.


VT: We gotta get this truck outta here.


VT attaches Decker's haul to the end of her truck. The Swordfish leads VT's truck and Red Tail to find an exit.


FAYE: How much further is the exit?


SPIKE: A little further. 20 degrees to the left.


Spike spots a pinhole of light.


SPIKE: There, the exit.


Another explosion. The exit is closed in.


SPIKE: No good. Behind us!


Another explosion from behind Red Tail.


FAYE: No! In front.


Spike shoots at the blocked up passage.


FAYE: What's with that? That's nowhere near enough!


SPIKE: My main gun is busted! That's all I got!


Faye demonstrates the clamps.


FAYE: And THIS is all I have! What are we gonna do? Isn't there another way?


VT: Yeah, there is. There's a ton of it in the truck behind us!


Faye tries to open Decker's haul but only dents the cover.


FAYE: I don't like this. I'm not one for delicate operations like this!


VT: Quit whining. Let's hit it big!


VT turns up the volume the heavy metal in her truck.


Faye rams the clamp into the cover and rips it open.


SPIKE: Yeah, now grab one.


FAYE: That's easy for you to say.


The Red Tail grabs for a stick of nitro. The clamp pierces the stick, gas leaks out.


FAYE: Something is leaking...


SPIKE: That's probably the stabilizer.


FAYE: That means...


SPIKE: Touch-sensitive.


FAYE: Wait a sec...!


VT: At worst, you screw up and die.


The Red Tail successfully gets a hold of the nitro stick.


FAYE: I got one. What do you want to do with it?


Spike taps buttons on Swordfish's control panel.


SPIKE: This pod will shoot towards the exit and self-destruct in 40 seconds. So get that thing in this pod within 40 seconds.


FAYE: What are YOU going to do?!


SPIKE: I'm gonna do "this."


Spike plugs his ears, takes a large breath of air and holds it. He ejects from the MONO pod. A countdown is initiated. Spike approaches VT's truck.


VT: Zeros, we're opening the hatch!


VT opens the door to her truck. VT and Spike reach for each other's hands. Spike slips. He draws his gun and fires three rounds, creating enough inertia to make his way to VT. Faye places the stick of nitro into Spike's

MONO pod.


FAYE: Bingo!


VT catches Spike's hand. The MONO pod jets off to the collapsed exit. The exit is open.


FAYE: It's clear!


VT's truck and the Red Tail clamping onto the Swordfish exit the mines.

Faye is flipped upside-down.


FAYE: This sucks.



VT's truck. A pocket watch with a picture of a younger VT, Zeros as a kitten and a man with a goofy smile floats by Spike.


VT: Really...


SPIKE: Thanks for the help, Victoria Telpsicorei.


VT is startled.


SPIKE: And give your husband my thanks. I figured out your name because of this.


Spike tosses the pocket watch to VT.


SPIKE: Unless you're a hermit, everyone knows about him, about the legendary bounty hunter, Telpsicorei.


VT: It will be a while. My husband's working in Heaven right now.


SPIKE: I see...


VT hands Spike the stack of bills. To VT's surprise, Spike only takes one bill.


SPIKE: Give the rest to your husband. I'm sure he's suffering from a hangover so I'll treat him to a prairie oyster.











JET: Once in a while, I'll do the preview by myself. I'm Jet Black, 36 years old. I'm often told that I don't look 36 but you shouldn't judge people by their looks or how much hair they have. Things are never what they seem to be. The next episode is like that, too. A fairy tale that seems very unlike "Bebop." Next episode: "Waltz for Venus." Stuff like this is good once in a while...


Next Session













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